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Aurofish offers only fish sea food of various items and varieties.
our products include most popular and high values nutritious, tasty seafood.
Such as tuna,seer,pomfret,sea bass ,Squid,prawn,crab etc.
supply in the morden hygienic handling,cutting,cleaning and
packing, supply to home for "ready-to-cook".

Tuna yellowfin/kerai

Richest source of omega3,most popular fish in the world,it's something good for heart and brain, available in export quality in the best rate.Most customer prefer for finger fish and tuna 65.

Seer fish/(vanjaram)

It is the most popular and tasty fish. It is preferred in main menu as fish curry,fish fry and finger fish.

Pomfret(Black Vawval)

It is also the one of the most Popular fish. The tasty and texture is attracted by customers.

Sea Bass /Bektti(Koduva)

The taste of the fish different from all the fish. it is rare variety and most wanted by the seafood lovers for original koduva.

White prawns

sea prawn is taste than the fresh water prawn, it have high protein. It is preferable for prawn Biriyani, prawn fry,Prawn 65, prawn curry.

Types of Cutting

Thin/Medium/Thick Slices/Boneless/finger fish/ Cubes/ Fillet/ whole/ Large chunks, etc..,

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